We strive to offer our patients the very best service whenever they visit the practice. We’re proud to say that:

  • 77% of patients believe we provide excellent overall service
  • 85% of patients believe the dental treatment they received was excellent
  • 69% of our waiting times under 10 minutes
  • Here’s what some of our patients had to say about their experience.

Patient Testimonials

I have been a very satisfied patient of Daventry Dental Practice since I moved to Daventry 30 years’ ago this September.

5 years’ ago my 95 year old father who lived in Rugby, was distressed when his own long-term dentist retired. I immediately suggested he transfer to Daventry but wondered if Ramin would take on such an elderly patient. I can say that Dad was warmly welcomed by every member of staff and was put at ease.

At that point he had a few of his own teeth which anchored his denture because he had shallow gums and roof of mouth. He was very concerned that once those teeth were removed he would no longer be able to wear false teeth.

We had a detailed consultation with Ramin who recommended if his bones were strong enough he could have 2 implants both top and bottom and a new denture made to fit. We were referred to Rob Cope the expert in implants and as Dad’s bones were in good condition he went ahead with the implant procedure. First of all Ramin had to extract the remaining teeth and even though there was a power cut, he completed the extractions as he could see how anxious Dad was about delay.

Over a period of months the work was carried out with care and precision until Dad became the proud owner of 4 implants and a beautiful fitted set of false teeth. There were a few minor adjustments as the teeth bedded in but Rob was always able to resolve those.

I cannot over emphasis the importance of this procedure as despite his age my Dad liked to look his best and was given a wonderful smile again. It was also vital to his health that he could eat healthily and of course the new teeth enabled him to eat normal food.

Thereafter he had his regular inspections with Ramin to ensure his mouth was in good health.

Sadly Dad passed away at the age of 97 but for those last years he had real quality of life which made it all worth while.


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